About Jordan

First Business (2007 aged 12)

Jordan started his first business at 12 years old called RS2 Services, the concept came about whilst Jordan was playing the virtual game called Runescape on a daily basis. On numerous occasions Jordan had spent his pocket money on virtual game gold and after a while Jordan thought  that if he was able to buy the virtual gold in larger quantities that he could earn himself some extra money by selling it to his friends. After some online research Jordan discovered that he was able to purchase the virtual gold in bulk quantities from China, so set about saving some of his pocket money to make his first purchase. On his twelfth birthday with his money in hand he bough a hosting package and started building his own website to re-sell his virtual gold purchased from China. With no previous experience of selling online Jordan spent hours watching YouTube to learn and in no time at all had the website built and ready to launch. He marketed his fledgling business online via Google and on the game Runescape itself, which allowed Jordan to run his web based business around school hours. One year later Jordan sold the business pack to the Chinese supplier for a considerable return on his investment.

The GripIt: (2008 aged 13)

In 2008 work commitments meant that Jordan’s father moved to Africa at which point Jordan was offered the choice to either go to Africa to live with his father or remain here in the UK with his Grandparents. A difficult decision to make at any age – Jordan chose to stay in England, the only problem was his Grandparents only had a small bungalow – so Jordan set about convincing them to convert half their garage in to a bedroom for him. Jordan is quite particular and had a clear vision in his mind of how he wanted his room to look. Part of his vision consisted of having both a black out blind and a curtain rail to ensure no light could break into the room. Being only13 at the time and his Grandfather Stan 73, Jordan climbed the ladder and with Stan guiding him together the attempted to fit the curtain rail. After numerous attempts they had no luck and had broken a number of drill bits and traditional fixings as a result of hitting the lintel above the window. After going to the local DIY store only to discover that there was no obvious solution to this particular issue on offer, the pair took to the garden shed to come up with a solution for themselves! By utilising various items available to them such as: toilet roll inners, drawing pins and recycled plastic from the local scrapyard and Stan’s workshop in the garden, they had managed to solve the issue and the curtain rail was up. The GripIt plasterboard fixing was invented! A couple of weeks later Jordan was trying to hang a television on the wall in his new room and once again encountered the very same problem, it was at this stage when Jordan took to Google to see how others solved the problem and as result stumbled upon forum after forum of people experiencing similar issues hanging household items on plasterboard walls. This was when Jordan first realised that his plasterboard solution could solve a common problem and viewed it as a business. With this in mind Jordan wasted no time at all in beginning the process of developing the idea, he immediately applied for a patent and then the 4 year wait for the patent to be approved began. Gaining this patent was important to Jordan and Stan because they were reluctant to go to market without full protection.

Leaving School (2008 aged 13)

School years were a tumultuous time for Jordan. Adapting to life living with his Grandparents, his parents separating and his father temporarily living in Africa, Jordan was also having difficulty with bullying at school. After numerous attempts made by family to resolve these issues it was decided that the best option was for Jordan to leave school and to be privately tutored at home. It was during his time trying to organise home tutoring that Jordan became frustrated with the options available to. Assisting his grandparents in the difficult task of sourcing tutors and having to fit them into time tables was proving to be so difficult that Jordan found himself spending weeks arranging his schooling timetable. This was when Jordan realised that there was an opportunity to help other students in a similar predicament to himself with a more personal approach to the tutoring and home schooling, by creating a tutoring agency to assist with all aspects of home schooling. Having previously built a website Jordan wasted no time in getting his latest project underway and launched to market – making his first sale on the 22nd day after launch. After much success in its’ early days Jordan decided to strengthen the brand identity Jordan with re-designed and more interactive website branded Tutor Magnet.

Time Overseas:

Once Tutor Magnet was up and running and Jordan was awaiting the GripIt patent to be granted, Jordan ended up leaving the UK to join his father in Sierra Leone, West Africa. During this time Jordan helped his father with various aspects of his business and learned many of the day to day skills which he uses today in the form of people management, budgeting, planning, finance and administration. In fact Jordan did so well that he was offered a full time job in Africa, but with the GripIt patent close to being approved there was a lot of preparation needed to take his latest project to market and Jordan also had plans to further expand Tutor Magnet. So Jordan decided to move back to the UK.

GripIt Launch: (2012 aged 17)

In November 2012 the day finally came, four years after the initial application was submitted, the letter arrived granting a full patent on the GripIt Plasterboard Fixing. Jordan wasted no time in sending out over 400 sample packs to all the big names and in just four days had a reply from Screwfix. Later that month Jordan met with Screwfix Online and secured his first order for £4,000. Jordan continued to expand his stockists throughout the year and by December 2013 had GripIt stocked in just under 500 stores across the UK. Jordan was brainstorming ways in which to grow the product at a rapid speed and one night decided to apply for Dragons’ Den.

Dragons’ Den: (2014 aged 18)

After going through the thorough screening process Jordan faced the five dragons back in March 2014 (aged 18). Jordan described the experience as very surreal and nerve-racking, but one of the most exciting things he has ever done in his life. Jordan was successful in obtaining backing from dragon Deborah Meaden who invested £80,000 in the business for a 25% stake. The show was broadcasted on the 17th August 2014 (by which time Jordan was 19 years old) which hit TV screens and was viewed by the millions.

A Year Since the Den: (early 2015 aged 19)

A year on since the Den, GripIt is now in over 2,000 stores across the UK and is now sold in over 32 countries worldwide. The company has invested over £1,000,000 in its own manufacturing facility to meet the ever increasing demand and to allow GripIt to remain a UK manufactured product which is now being produced in the millions. Tutor Magnet is still owned by Jordan now seven years on and has just under gone a new website launch where it offers unique advertising platforms for tutors nationwide.

Global Expansion

GripIt now stocked in over 3,000 UK Stores and available in 32 countries worldwide. Over the next two years GripIt will be in over 15,000 stores across the USA and Australia.  

Dragons’ Den Pitches to Riches

Jordan featured on BBC Dragon Den’s Piches to Riches follow up show with GripIt on the 28th February 2016. Jordan was joined by all the production team from the programme, Deborah herself and Richard Osman the presenter for the show. The day was spent filming at the GripIt office/factory and also  Jordan’s Nan and Grandad’s house where they filmed in the shed, where the GripIt was invented with Jordan’s Grandad Stan. When aired on the TV GripIt had massive response on both social media and the website. The programme announced GripIt Fixings is estimated at a value of £12 Million.

GripIt Crowdfunds

GripIt has recently crowdfunded and raised £2,000,000 in just five days valuing the company in excess of £12,000,000.