Jordan Daykin Announced as Forbes 30 Under 30 Industry Honouree in Europe

It was announced on Monday 16th of January that Jordan had been included in the popular American magazine Forbes. He was named as one of the 30 under 30 industry honouree in Europe

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A Letter to the 30 Year Old Me

So here it goes I’ve decided to write a letter (in a blog) to the 30-year-old me. In 9 years time, I will stumble across it to see if what I have written in the letter adds up or if was completely different. However, I strive to achieve to my dreams and hope this letter proves that.

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Dear Jordan,

 I guess your reading this letter now as your 30! Hope you had a great birthday, wow the big 3 0… getting old now!

 I would say I would have come a long way from being the 13-year-old boy who dropped out of school at 12 with no grades to my name but made an invention in the garden shed with my Grandad to now 30 years old running a global company that is a household name and a well established brand internationally. A brand of products known by all for being the best products on the market since sliced bread for the solutions they solve. I’d be so proud to say that I have grown a business from such a young age and made it a great success. I would feel like a well established entrepreneur with a proven track record that everyone takes seriously. It would have been a challenge growing = business to where it is now but something I would have preserved with and it would have worked well. I would love the fact that I would have proved people wrong with how far the business has come and me as a person.

 Now that you are 30 I guessed I’d be relaxing and enjoying a bit of downtime… however, when you’re running a global business and conquering the world it’s not that easy. My mind has always been on overload thinking what I can do next or how can it be done better and I don’t think that will ever stop. I now have a range of products that are a great success in their own right and the business just keeps growing and growing year on year. I would thrive on the achievement and would continue as always to push me harder to do something else/something new. I would have a strong structure within the business of staff in which will have been with me from the early stages and have developed with the business as its grown. When I was 21 me and Laura got engaged after a few years we are finally married with kids. At 30 I didn’t realise how hectic your life would get however, I’m not sure if it’s the same for other 30 year olds out there. It’s been very busy but I love being busy and full of energy, it drives me through the tough times or challenges that come along.

 When I write to myself again it will be just after I have read this letter, meaning I would be 30 writing to my 60-year-old self! Before doing that I hope that the company has continued to grow at a rapid pace and as for me I would love to have been able to continue inspiring others and hopefully be able to semi retire at some point. I would also like to have taken the kid to Lapland and Disneyland Florida. But I can’t imagine that just yet. I wonder if I would still be driving round in my dream car or if I would be chasing another dream?

 Anyway enjoy and stay well, talk again in the future.

 Your Sincerely


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Living with an Entrpreneur

When I first met Jordan, it was before Dragons Den, and I had no idea what he did, I had never heard of GripIt and to be honest when he explained what it was I thought he was a plasterer. Me and Jordan have been together just over 3 years and lived with each other for two of them, when we brought our first house we were so excited to get in, start decorating and start our life together that I didn’t really think about the fact that we would actually be with each other all the time. We had been on a few holidays together and I had stayed over a lot when he lived in a rented apartment so we already spent a lot of time together.

Since GripIt has expanded so has Jordan’s stress levels and the amount of work he has to do! I know he loves his work very much, it means everything to him and his Grandad to see how far GripIt has come in a short amount of time but it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

At home, when Jordan has had a bad day at work maybe because there could be a problem that he can’t solve that day he brings that stress home, he won’t always tell me what the problem is straight away but he is unusually quiet, I can tell something I bugging him and I know it’s because he’s thinking to himself of ways that he could fix that problem, he’s brain is always working overtime and will never stop! Just before we go to bed he’ll usually tell me why he has been ‘off’ that day and will explain the problem that he has, sometimes it’s something really small and we’ll laugh it off saying ‘have you really been in a mood because of that?’ other times it’s something bigger and he’ll get out the laptop until stupid times at night trying to fix it.

Lots of friends and family ask ‘does he ever switch off?’ The answer to that is no. He cares a lot about his work and the staff at GripIt so he will always answer calls if any of the staff have a problem, if there working late or over the weekend and he’ll always be on his phone either on emails or the social media, he tried to have a work phone and a social phone once but it never worked he always used the work one so there was no point in him having both. I find this the most annoying part of living with an entrepreneur! Sometimes it is like talking to a brick wall- it can drive me mad! If were at dinner or out for the day I make a point of putting my phone away and hope he does the same. On holidays, he does try his hardest to stay away from the emails but I know when I’m getting ready he’ll have a sneaky look or he’ll go inside when I’m enjoying the sun!

Going along to some of the events with him can also be a bit of a bore, I try my hardest to support him but I’m defiantly not a business women and quite embarrassingly I don’t always understand what they’re talking about, I zone in and out of conversations and just nod along a lot of the time, it’s not that I’m trying to be rude it’s just that I don’t understand! I feel so bad when I can’t answer the questions, I have picked up on a few things since being with Jordan but quite honestly, I don’t have the same interest’s as

the people he mingles with, we’ll always laugh about it at the end of the night and he’ll say ‘you didn’t have a clue what we were talking about did you?’

It’s not all as awful as I’m making it out to be, Jordan is so caring and is a problem solver so if I’m having a bad day he will try to solve it at that moment and will come up with all kinds of suggestions to make me feel better. I love to see how much he cares about the staff at GripIt, he loves to see everyone he works with be so passionate about their job and if they give 100% into their work he will help them out and make their work life as fun and help as he possibly can. Some days he will come home and just feel so happy and pleased for the amount some staff have improved since they have been there and how much their confidence has grown. He will have a real buzz when he gets home if it’s been a good day. With his job, there seems to be really good highs or really bad lows, there doesn’t seem to be an in-between.

With the work he does we are fortunate enough to be able to go on holidays and to do things that not many couples our age can do together, we have both always wanted to go to the Maldives and we were lucky enough to be able to go in May 2016, we had the best time and they are memories we will never forget! It’s fair to say that he does spoil me a fair bit, especially on my birthday and Christmas. I have made him take back a handbag once as I just couldn’t justify him spending that much on me for one bag.

jordan-and-laura-2 jordan-and-laura

All in all, I wouldn’t change what Jordan does at all yes at times it can be stressful and irritating but I love seeing that he’s making something for himself especially at such a young age, he has achieved so much and I couldn’t be prouder!

Written by Laura Potter



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Inspirational Business Men and Women

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards took place on Tuesday 22nd November at the Lancaster London, the event was sponsored by NatWest. I hosted a table of inspirational entrepreneurs. I judged the “Entrepreneurs Champion of the Year category, which had 6 great entries, However congratulations to Matthew Gubba CEO and Founder of BizBritain.

I was given the opportunity to have a table and fill it with inspirational entrepreneurs in which I did by inviting along Bianca Miller – Finalist on The Apprentice, Joseph Valente – winner of The Apprentice 2015, Derin Cag – Founder of Richtopia, Ben Towers – winner of The Great British Entrepreneur 2015 and some of the GripIt team.


The table was great and we all had a fantastic evening celebrating the achievement of all entrepreneurs across the UK.

It’s great to see that entrepreneurs are being recognised for their dedication and hard work, that’s why events like The Great British Entrepreneur Awards are so important.

After your 3-course meal and wine the evening then started with the awards, with 16 category awards given out, some of the categories being Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the Year, Great British Entrepreneur of the Year, Retail Entrepreneur of the Year, Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year, Start – Up Entrepreneur of the Year and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. There were many well-known businesses that were up for nominations such as Climb Online, Tangle Teezer, ASOS, LADBible and many more.

The evening then finished with the after party and drinks upstairs where everyone got a chance to mingle with each other and have a dance. It was also interesting to hear other entrepreneur’s inspirational stories about their businesses, how they started and where they want to be in the future.

It was great to be apart and involved in the evening supporting entrepreneurs and growing businesses. I would like to thank The Great British Entrepreneur Awards for asking me to judge the champion category, it was a great pleasure. All the nominees done so well.

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The GripIt Great Gatsby Charity Ball in Aid of The Alzheimer’s Society

On Saturday, the GripIt Great Gatsby Charity Ball was held in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. It took place at Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort and had over 140 guests.

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Starting Up Your Business

Are you one of those people that thinks starting up a business is easy and a walk in the park? Here I am going to tell you exactly what I think the 3 most important things are when starting up.


Talking from my own experience I can tell you that setting up your first, second or third business is not easy. There are many things that need to be considered before such as the market, competition, consumers, materials, financials all these are important in order to make your business run, without these your business will not work.

First things first, it’s good to get a business plan set up as if your needing a loan from somewhere e.g. the bank, this is what they will ask for. A business plan contains every single little bit of information about your company, how it will run, financials (targets, profit & loss, incomings, outgoings, forecasts), goals/targets, product/services, market, competition, operation and logistics and a backup plan. This shows the lender you know what you want from your business and back up plans are there if they are ever needed. A business plan can normally range from 20 –  100 pages long, detailing all aspects of your business down to the final t.

Secondly you need do your research, you need to check that there is nothing else like your product/service out on the market already. If there is, you need to show your consumers and buyers why yours is better than ones already out there. Take a look at your competitor’s information, website, products and social media all of these will play a vital part in their advertisement and brand awareness. Come up with a solution and make yours 10 x better. An easy way of comparing your competitor’s products/services is by creating a table with all your competitor’s information; name, product, prices, stores/sales, quality, advertising, images, strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to compare your products/service to theirs in a more specific way to get the best out of your research.


The last piece of advice which is very important when starting your business is to know your financials making sure you have enough money to start your business, if you get a loan you need to make sure you can pay it back. Make sure your cash flow is correct as it is a vital part of your business that shows you’re in goings and out goings (including profit and losses). It’s a good idea to set financial targets and budgets that you got to hit or meet in order to make the money you need to. Money is what makes your business run therefore meeting the targets set and sticking to your budgets means your business can keep running the way you want it to.

If you are starting up a business and after reading this blog, looking for advice you can sign up to my free business advice on this website and gain all the information you need to know.

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GripIt Attend the World Alzheimer’s Day Ball

Jordan and some of the staff at GripIt attended the World Alzheimer’s Day ball on Wednesday 21st of September.

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Dragons’ Den Business GripIt Fixings and Jordan Daykin make it 15th on The Suns List Best of British Awards

The Sun released yesterday their article for the Best of British Awards.

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A Charity That Means A Lot

The Alzheimer’s Society is a charity that supports people with dementia, an illness that is carried by many people without even realising. Dementia is an illness caused when the brain is damaged by diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or a serious of strokes. Dementia is a progressive illness which means the symptoms will gradually get worse causing memory loss, lack of communication and unable to understand.

Currently there is no cure for dementia and it can happen to anyone. The Alzheimer’s Society believe passionately that life does not end when it begins. The society helps keep people with dementia connected to their lives and the people who matter most, not only do they help people with dementia but also give advice to people who are caring or know someone with dementia.


So where does Jordan come into the Alzheimer’s Society? As you may know already Jordan’s Grandad Stan helped Jordan design and start up his business. Stan has played an important part in the business bringing many years of engineering experience to the product development and also being Jordan’s eyes and ears along the way.

Last year at 81 Stan suffered an amnesia attack causing him to forget important elements in his life, like not knowing who his wife Wendy was, this was a very scary moment for Stan and all of his family. However that one memory of GripIt has never been forgotten and has always been stuck in his mind. In the last year Stan has suffered a further two attacks and has now been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. As a result of this illness he has had to take a step back from the day to day side of GripIt, which has been very difficult for him to take on board considering being so involved from the start. Stan will always be a fundamental part of the GripIt family and Jordan will always ensure he is involved and update to date with the goings on of GripIt.

Jordan, the GripIt team and even Stan have recently taken part in the GripIt Baked Bean Challenge in order to raise money and awareness for the charity. All the GripIt staff got involved by having a bucket of baked beans, flour, eggs, feathers and glitter chucked over their heads, they would video this and then upload on to their social media pages, they also nominated 3 friends to take part, you would then text GRIP48 with the amount you would like to donate to 70070. So far they have raised £1,500 for the charity. The company are also hosting a Great Gatsby Charity ball in order to raise more money for the charity, the evening will hold an auction, a raffle and lots of entertainment.

Baked Bean Challenge - Stan and Jordan

Jordan has recently become an ambassador for the charity, which means the connection with the charity will never be lost and anything that can be done in order to raise money and awareness will be done with the help of the team at GripIt also. Jordan and some of the team have also attended the World Alzheimer’s Ball in Lancaster House, London on the 21st September.

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Day in a Life of an Entrepreneur

We all wonder what an Entrepreneur gets up to daily, well now is your chance to see what Jordan Daykin CEO of GripIt, gets up to day to day. Take a guess, what do you think he gets up to? Is it as exciting as you think?

Well that question is just about to be answered….

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