Plusnet Pioneers Funding Panel Discussion

On the 8th of March 2016, I was invited to take part in the Plusnet Pioneers panel discussion in partnership with StartUps, giving advice and our experience on sourcing funding, which took place at the Custard Factory in Birmingham.

I was joined on the panel by some great business men and women such as Sarah Willingham – Dragon on BBC Dragons’ Den, Giles Brook – CEO of Vita Coco, Leigh Purnell – Petalite, Tracy Sambrook – Nutmeg and Ian Wallis – Editorial Director who chaired the discussion.

There was one thing we all had in common and that was either we have needed funding for our businesses or are investors in other businesses. I was very excited to take part in this discussion because of the great company and I felt I had the experience to pass on advice to others.

There was around 60 people who attended and the discussion lasted around 3 hours. Great questions were asked by the audience and honest answers were given by the panel. We all seemed to bounce off each other, meaning they got a full answer they needed.

Most of audience were business men and women wanting to push their business further and wanted information on gaining funding, how and what to do. Some people wanted to pitch their ideas to us and possibly get interest of investment.

It was a successful event and it was great to meet the panel! I feel we gave very informative information for the audience to push their businesses and decide what route of funding is best for them.

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