Working with an Entrepreneur

Now some may find it odd when they hear someone say, “I work for Jordan Daykin, 21 at GripIt® Fixings”. It may just be the age thing that really stands out. But I’m sure if you asked any of the staff, what’s it like working with an entrepreneur? Everything they say will be positive. So, we have done exactly that, asked the question!

The GripIt® business is Jordan’s bread and butter. He has worked hard to get the business to where it is today and has every intention to continue working hard to further grow the business. He has a very relaxed approach as long as the work is done. The team love a good celebration and achieving the impossible and Jordan is the person who encourages this.

When speaking to Shelly an Account Manager at GripIt® she said Jordan has an incredible CAN DO attitude about life. Always pushing forward to succeed. I have worked for inventors in the past but non-have had the drive and determination to get their product out to the world with such success. He has an open-door policy which creates an environment that allows ideas from all members of the team to flow freely. People always ask me what it’s like to work for someone that’s nearly half my age. I can honestly say that age has never bothered me. He is not someone who discriminates against age either and will give everyone a chance to succeed where ever he can. One thing I will say to watch about Jordan is that he is extremely generous and likes to see people have fun so if you’re out at an office party beware of the flowing drinks.”

The team are encouraged to give ideas and to knock on the door if they ever need to chat. As Shelly mentioned above, the team at GripIt® like to get together outside of work and have a close relationship outside of working hours. Many social events take place throughout the year including cocktail evenings, meals, going to the local pub after work and BBQ’s at the head office/factory.

Jordan loves to be involved with meetings, events, shows or whatever goes on with the business, it’s great that all the team bring their ideas to the table and most of the time are put into play. When Jordan gets involved it inspires others and they revel in the fact their CEO of the business is so motivating. However even though Jordan is still very involved, he lets the team make decisions they feel are correct and get on with what they need to, whether you’re a director, manager or the team.

We also spoke to Nicky who has worked with the company for a few years now who said “Working at GripIt® is my first time working with an entrepreneur, so I don’t really have anything to gauge it against other than having a manager. In my varied career, I have had bosses that fall under categories of the good, bad and ugly, however none of them compare to working for / with a driven and highly motivated entrepreneur! The immediate thing that stands out to me is feeling included and valued. Every member of staff has a voice and input. This is then followed by drive! I have never felt so driven to succeed and do the best I can. Working for the best makes me want to be better at my job, each and every day. This feeling is infectious within the entire company. Finally, I would suggest that one of the key reasons entrepreneurs succeed is that they take calculated risks and step outside of their comfort zone. I know that in the 2 years I have worked for GripIt® I have been pushed outside of my comfort zone on so many occasions, that today I can honestly say that I thrive on tackling a new challenge, stepping over that line, has made me more confident in my own ability and fuels my determination to succeed. None of which would have happened if I had not been included, inspired and praised by our young entrepreneur.”

Jordan is explained as inspiring and motivating which drives the team forward making them want to achieve their goals and push themselves to perform to the best of their ability. I think all the team can honestly say Jordan is a great inspiration to others and has achieved so much in his lifetime already. Which definitely encourages everyone else.

Lastly Mac who is our production coordinator and has been working for the company from the get go, in fact he was one of the 4 friends who made GripIt’s® around the dining room table with Jordan and is also a close friend, Mac said “Working for a young entrepreneur is great for many reasons! They bring fresh new ideas into the team, solving problems just by looking at things from a different prospective. Team building exercises are also a lot more exciting when hosted by a young entrepreneur they tend to involve more up to date social activities. You tend to find that you have more in common with a young entrepreneur than you normally would, making it easier to socialise with them. Young entrepreneurs are never too busy to listen to new ideas and concepts.”

There is a definite common theme repeated in all of the GripIt® staff comments about Jordan, he quite clearly inspires all the staff, resulting in them working hard to achieve their goals. They want to be successful and seeing Jordan achieve what he has, at such a young age makes them believe in themselves, pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone and giving them confidence they thought they would never have. They also feel that Jordan has an open door and no matter what they need to discuss with him, he is always there to listen, whether that’s new ideas, new products, social events or even general information.

Lastly, I think it has also been pointed out that Jordan knows how to have fun and a laugh without taking it to far, and likes to see everyone happy and enjoying themselves.

Well now you know what it’s like to work with an entrepreneur and according to team GripIt®, it is an adventure!

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